What is an Energy Audit?

Many people think their home is energy efficient. However, that might not be the case. There may be one or multiple areas within the home that are costing a homeowner that can be easily corrected. An Energy Audit is a way to evaluate the homes  to determine where there are deficiencies and how to improve the energy efficiency of heating and cooling the home. The  energy audit  will assess the home’s overall thermal performance and efficiency. The following may be conducted during the energy audit:

A blower door test– this is to insure your home has adequate air flow to prevent the buildup of moisture and growth of molds.

A carbon monoxide test of home, furnace, hot water tank and oven – this is to ensure they are outputting an allowable amount of carbon monoxide.

A draft test on furnace and hot water tank – This ensures the toxic fume produced by combustion appliances are safely removed from house.

A spillage test on hot water and furnace – to ensure that if all your exhaust appliances do not create enough negative pressure to cause toxic fumes to be pulled into house.

Having an Energy Audit is not only beneficial for being more energy efficient and saving money, but it is beneficial for the safety of individuals who reside in the home as well. To see a video on what an Energy Audit looks like, click here. Get a FREE Energy Audit and ensure the efficiency and safety of your home today!

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