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home insulationWeather in the central New York area can be challenging – it literally can go from warm and humid one week to sweater weather the next, as we’ve seen this September alone! Couple that with the high energy costs we experience living in this area, and staying warm – or cool – in your home can be, well, not so easy. But did you know that one of the very best ways you can keep comfortable and save energy is by making sure your home is adequately insulated?

Insulation helps you control the durability, comfort, quality and cost of your home. And, improved insulation helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint your house has on the planet – improved insulation means better energy efficiency, which results in the use of fewer utilities.

At Standard Insulating Co., our approach to home insulation is different. We offer various insulation types for a number of different applications. For example, new construction or remodeled areas that have been stripped down to the beams can benefit from spray foam; whereas, closed areas like the walls and attics of older homes can benefit from cellulose.

We do much more than simply coming to your home and applying insulation, however. At Standard, we take many measures to ensure that the correct type of insulation is used in your home. Our approach to home insulation is to understand the energy usage of your whole home before we even consider applying insulation. Our highly-trained, BPI certified technicians will conduct a thorough, free home energy audit that shows how much heat loss your home is experiencing, the areas of your home losing the most heat, and any possible safety issues. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to analyze your home for potential savings, and after we complete the work in your home, we’ll follow up with testing that shows how upgrading your insulation has improved your home’s efficiency.

Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint and save on your utility bills, all while staying more comfortable year round? To learn more about Standard Insulating’s approach to home insulation and to find out about how we can help you make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, call (800) 738-1424 or (800) 738-1424 or email to

About Standard Insulating Co.

Standard Insulating Co. was founded in 1928 and is now the oldest and largest insulation company in the Mohawk Valley. Using state-of-the-art technology and the Energy Smart incentive programs from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Standard Insulating can determine the causes of energy loss in your home and provide the solutions. They will also determine if a family or individual qualifies for incentives up to 50% (max. $5000) and low interest loans.

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