“So, here’s to you….”

Dear Shannon, Please share with the bosses that I am pleased not only with having my home insulated but having chosen such a wonderful company as Standard.   From you, Jeff, Ken, Matt, Todd, and spray foam Matt everyone was great.   Each question I had was answered, any concern was put to rest and they all laughed at my jokes.   The bonus was Todd and Matt enjoying the lunch I prepared for them and telling me I’m a good cook.I will certainly recommend Standard Insulating Company to anyone who needs work like I did.   My house is so quiet and cozy during this time of year and I’m anxious to see what’s to come once the hot weather shows up.   My home is my palace and any money I put into it is pure investment.   And now that I’m home more this girl is worth that investment! So here’s to you, here’s to the great guys, and here’s to Standard Insulating Company! – Sincerely,  Nan Grindle

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