R-Values 101

r value insulationIf your thoughts in the fall turn to trying to find ways to save on your heating bills during the winter months, you’ve probably looked into the possibility of adding more insulation. And then you were likely confronted by a confusing set of numbers called an “R-value.”

At Standard Insulating Co. we feel that pain, and are here to help you make the best possible decision for your own unique circumstances in your home or your office. R-values actually make the choice in insulation easier, once you understand why they are there.

An R-value is the measurement of thermal resistance that has been set as a uniform designation throughout the building and construction industries. It shows how much heat will be stopped by the particular kind and thickness of the insulation, and the higher the R-value the more heat insulating properties it will deliver.

The United States Department of Energy has recommendations for R-values at locations throughout the country, and installing according to their specifications will give you the maximum protection from heat loss in the winter, or heat gain in the summer. In addition to saving on your energy bills, you’ll feel more comfortable year-round, and you’ll also have the bonus of experiencing less wear and tear on your furnace and air conditioning as well.

R-values differ throughout the structure. While the walls might see a suggested R-value of R-19 to R-21, the attic ceiling will have a higher R-value recommendation — upwards of R-60 in some of the colder areas of New York State. Basement walls go as low as a recommended R-value of R-13.

Confused yet? There’s no need to be. We at Standard Insulating Co. want to make the project as easy as possible for you, so trust our years of experience to help you make the perfect choices in your home or office insulation project. We’ll come up with a plan that will maximize the insulation effectiveness in your own situation, and keep you comfortable and saving money all year.

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