No Matter Whether You Live in Utica, Rome, or Ithaca, Standard Insulating Can Audit Your Energy Use!

No matter where you live in the Central New York area – Utica, Rome, Ithaca and all points in between – you know that in the cold of winter and during the dog days of summer, your energy bills soar. One thing we can depend on, wherever we might live in the Central New York region, changing, extreme weather is a part of life here. Unfortunately, this type of weather can cause our furnaces to run harder during the chilly months, and our air conditioners to crank all night long during those hot spells we often see in July and August. What can you do if your energy bills are outrageous? Consider a home energy audit from Standard Insulating Co.

Standard Insulating has been the insulation expert for more than 80 years, serving Utica and Rome out of their Marcy location, and serving Ithaca and the surrounding area out of their Ithaca branch. Both sites have home energy auditors available to help you understand your home’s energy usage, and to offer you solutions that will help your home improve its energy efficiency and help you save on those utility bills.

When you call Standard Insulating Co. for help, a highly trained and Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified technician will visit your Utica, Rome or Ithaca home to locate issues contributing to the energy loss, safety and comfort problems. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the technician will analyze your home’s potential for savings. Starting with your free home assessment, we’ll guide you through the four steps below:

Step 1: Free Home Assessment – Our trained professionals will perform a visual inspection and provide insight, options and pricing on money-saving improvements. You will be provided costs per option. We will also help navigate subsidy and incentive programs available through the State and Federal governments, as well as those offered by utility companies.

Step 2: Energy Audit – Otherwise known as a Comprehensive Home Assessment, this is a test of the whole house that locates obvious reasons for high energy use, health, safety and comfort issues. Our trained and certified auditors will test and evaluate diagnostic findings and use infrared scans to provide options to solve those issues. A report of the findings will be provided. These will include professionally installed measures as well as improvements that can be made by you.

Step 3: Perform Selected Measures – Standard Insulating Co. will install the measures that you have selected to be installed. These may include:

  • Air Sealing
  • Insulating
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Duct Sealing
  • Hot Water Systems and Appliance Replacement
  • Lighting Upgrades

Step 4: Get Your Incentives! – The helpful staff at Standard Insulating Co. will assist you in filing all the necessary paperwork to ensure that you receive the various incentives that you and your project have qualified for – up to $5,000, through the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR ® Program.

When you follow these steps, you’re sure to find out exactly how you can save on energy in your home. For your convenience, Standard Insulating Co. offers home energy auditor services for Utica and Rome out of our Marcy office, and for Ithaca and the surrounding area out of our Ithaca office. Just call (800) 738-1424, and we’ll be happy to share our experience with you.

About Standard Insulating Co.

Standard Insulating Co. was founded in 1928 and is now the oldest and largest insulation company in the Mohawk Valley. Using state-of-the-art technology and the Energy Smart incentive programs from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Standard Insulating can determine the causes of energy loss in your home and provide the solutions. They will also determine if a family or individual qualifies for incentives up to 50% (max. $5000) and low interest loans.

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