“Kudos to Standard Insulating for the work they have done!”

“I have had different teams into my home to do repairs/upgrades over the years, but none of them did the job that Standard Insulating has done. They were personable, polite and cleaned up after themselves. When I say they cleaned up after themselves, I mean they cleaned up after themselves! They picked up every piece of paper that was on my property. They put everything they moved back into place. When they left each day (they were on my property for 3 days), no one would have been aware, or believed, that they were there unless they had seen them earlier in the day. I have never had such a team (or even heard of any team) that treated the home or person with the respect that this team has done. Standard Insulating can be VERY proud of this team. I hope Ms. Jennifer K. realizes the asset she has with this team. Also, I had the pleasure to meet Jason. He was the first person to “interview” my house and the last person I saw after the work was done. He is a fabulous person also. He was professional yet respectful to me and my home. When he left each time, there was nothing out of place (and my house is difficult to navigate) and he left no indication that he was through my house. Standard Insulating is very lucky to have this group of people working with them and I hope that they can express my happiness and delight that I have had working with these people. The best form of advertisement is a happy customer and I am. I have had no problem preaching my experience with Standard Insulating to everyone I know and anyone else that will listen to my personal experience with this company. I thank this company for having these people do work at my home and I have and will continue to send prospective clients to them. I was very happy to have Standard Insulating do work at my home and even better I should be warmer this winter and save money on my gas bill. Kudos to Standard Insulating for the work they have done at my Dolgeville home. Sincerely submitted, Cathy Winston”

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