Keep Water Outside Your Utica, NY Home… With Foam Insulation

The Utica, NY weather can be damp. Rain in the spring and fall, humidity in the summer, and of course ice and snow in the winter all mean your home is constantly bombarded with moisture. And unfortunately for homeowners, that can mean your home is also susceptible to water damage, mold, mildew and more. You may be surprised to learn that when you choose foam insulation for your Utica, NY home, you’ll not only enjoy improved comfort and efficiency. You’ll also provide your home with a barrier against the elements.

Here’s how foam insulation can help your Utica, NY home stay free of excess moisture:

New Builds: If you’re building a new home, foam insulation can help provide backup moisture control when installed behind the cladding. On new builds, spray foam can act as insulation, a water resistive barrier and an air barrier. It protects your build from interior and exterior water because it’s non-absorbent, so your new home will be worry-free when it comes to things like mold and mildew.

Existing Homes: One of the best ways foam insulation can help your Utica, NY home stay free of moisture is by filling in around areas that are prone to leaks, like doors, windows and other points of entry. This way, it helps to prevent water from gaining access to your home, protecting you and your family from the mold and mildew growth often associated with leaks. It also helps to protect your home from other concerns that can come from leaks, like wood rot and structural damage.

All Homes: Whether you’re building from the ground up, or getting better insulation for your existing structure, you should know that spray foam insulation for your Utica, NY home can help prevent damaging ice dams from occurring. Ice dams are caused when warm air passes through gaps in your insulation between your ceiling and the roof. The warm air causes the snow to melt, and then turn into ice. As a buildup of ice occurs, it can cause the shingles to lift, and the melting snow and ice to drain into your home. As a result of an ice dam, your home can become subject to several concerns, including water damage, breakdown of existing insulation, shingle and eaves trough damage, and, of course, mold and mildew.

The best way you can prevent ice dams and other moisture issues is by choosing foam insulation for your Utica, NY home.

Because spray foam expands, it will fill in the small gaps or holes that may be causing leaks. Traditional insulation doesn’t provide that type of coverage. Not to mention, the proper insulation will also keep the heated air from your HVAC unit inside your home where it belongs. And that will not only prevent ice dams from forming, but also will help your home stay more comfortable, with improved energy efficiency.

So keep the water out – and the comfort and energy efficiency in! Standard Insulating Co. is ready to assist you with the foam insulation needs of your Utica, NY home. We’ll provide you with a free home energy audit and discuss how foam insulation could benefit you. And, there are a number of assistance programs available for those who qualify. Schedule your free energy audit with us today by calling 1.800.738.1424.

About Standard Insulating Co.

Standard Insulating Co. was founded in 1928 and is now the oldest and largest insulation company in the Mohawk Valley. Using state-of-the-art technology and the Energy Smart incentive programs from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Standard Insulating can determine the causes of energy loss in your home and provide the solutions. They will also determine if a family or individual qualifies for incentives up to 50% (max. $5000) and low interest loans.

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