Insulation for Your Cottage

cottage standard insulatingDo you own a lake cottage where you vacation in the summer, or are you considering building one? You might not realize it, but proper insulation of your cottage is important. Even though you may not live there in the winter, you’ll still want to be sure your cottage is as energy-efficient as possible. And, since modern insulation also helps to provide a moisture barrier and keeps insects and vermin at bay, proper insulation has many more benefits than just keeping your cottage climate controlled.

Properly insulating your cottage can actually help you stay cooler during those summer months when you spend a great deal of time at your cottage. And, with better insulation, your cottage will be usable more months out of the year – extending your enjoyment and your investment. When you need to ensure that your existing cottage is properly insulated, or when you want to be sure that the new cottage you’re building is – count on the experts at Standard Insulating Co. Get a Free Energy Audit for your Cottage.

Standard Insulating will help you properly insulate your cottage.

Standard Insulating Co. can help you find the right insulation for your cottage. We’ll come in and perform a complete evaluation of your cottage, which will allow us to see where you’re lacking insulation and where energy loss is occurring. We’ll show you how you can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your cottage, and we’ll help you save money as well. Your existing cottage style home will benefit from adding these types of insulation:

Building a new cottage? Standard Insulating Co. will help you figure out the cost of foam insulation, and how it will benefit your new build. We offer the following types of spray foam insulation:

When you need new insulation for your cottage, rely on Standard Insulating Co. to help. We’ll show you how properly insulating can help improve your home’s efficiency. Schedule your free energy audit with Standard Insulating today by calling us toll-free at 1.(800) 738-1424, and we’ll be happy to help you insulate your cottage.