Insulating Your Camp For Maximum Comfort

camp-home-insulationYour summer home-away-from-home is a much-needed retreat from the rigors of the real world. But have you ever taken a look at your camp’s insulation?

Sure, you probably don’t think much about insulation during the warm times of the year, and that’s about the only time you spend at your camp. Insulation is more than just a blanket to keep out the winter chill, however — it can also keep out much of the sun’s summertime heat as well, making your camp that much more enjoyable during those dog days when you do spend some time there.

We at Standard Insulating Co. recommend even a seasonal home be properly insulated, and for a number of reasons. First off, just because you are only there a portion of the year, and the warmest portion at that, doesn’t mean it should go neglected the rest of the time. Your camp home is out there 12 months out of the year, confronted by all kinds of weather conditions. And chances are, if you have a remote camp somewhere in a forestry area, weather conditions can get pretty extreme in the winter months.

Chances are also pretty good that the time when you have the easiest access to your camp is during the summer, so now’s the perfect time to install additional insulation. In addition to the added safety from harsh weather conditions, you’ll also see savings on your cooling expenses during the heat of the summer because added insulation will help keep your air conditioned air inside and the hot air outside.

So you’ve immediately got the bonus of comfort and energy savings right off the bat, and once the weather turns cold again you’ll have the additional boon of protection against freezing water pipes and damage from ice buildup, dry rot, and mold caused by cold temperatures and indoor moisture. You won’t be there to take care of these issues yourself, so wouldn’t it be great to know your camp is in good hands thanks to the installation of new insulation?

You want to enjoy your summer camp for years to come, so protect it from the elements all year long. Call Standard Insulating Co. today for expert advice on how to do just that.

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