Can Your House Breath?

Everyone has heard the old phrase, “You can’t insulate my house too tight because it has to breathe!” What they really mean is that every building needs to have an adequate supply of fresh air for a healthy interior environment.   In the old days, we simply let Mother Nature blow in all fresh air we could ever need through all the openings and gaps in our homes.   The problem is that she will also blow all the heat out of our homes which today is too costly.   Whenever you feel a cold draft entering your home, the same amount of air is exiting your home somewhere else.   Today we air-seal and insulate our homes to as tight as we possibly can.   Instead of letting Mother Nature control our ventilation, we supply just the right amount needed using special bathroom fans or Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV).   This allows our homes to ‘breathe’ while maximizing heating and cooling efficiency as well as providing comfort and a healthy interior.

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