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Save Energy by Adding Cellulose Insulation in Walls

When you live in central New York, you know that winters can be frigid and summers can get hot and humid. If your home isn’t properly insulated, you can lose energy – and money – every time you run your home comfort system. Putting a ‘coat’ of insulation in the walls of your existing home is an important step to making sure your home is energy efficient.

Insulating the Walls in Your CNY Home

Your walls make up the majority of the heated surfaces in your home. Adding cellulose insulation can help maximize the energy efficiency of your central NY home. Here are a few of the additional benefits:

  • Wall insulation will plug drafts generated by empty walls.
  • Cellulose in walls provides exceptional sound reduction
  • Filling the wall cavity can help deter rodents traveling through your walls.

What is Cellulose Insulation for Walls?

insulation in walls utica nyCellulose insulation is plant-based insulating material used in wall and roof cavities to separate the inside and outside of your home thermally and acoustically. That means it keeps the heat and noise inside the house! Cellulose provides a thermal performance that compares favorably to other types of insulation, with an R-Value of 3.8 per inch. It fits well around items in walls like pipes and wiring, leaving few air pockets that can reduce the overall efficiency of the wall.

Here are a few additional benefits of using cellulose insulation in your walls:

Safety Value: Up to 85% recycled paper waste material with remaining percent made of boric (fire retardant) treatment that provides a Class-1 fire rating, making it a safe choice.

No Harmful Additives: Does not contain formaldehyde.

Fiberglass Free: Since there are no glass fibers, cellulose does not make you itch.

Excellent Sound Barrier: Provides exceptional sound reduction. Since it is three times the density of fiberglass, it helps deaden the sound traveling through the walls and ceilings.

How is Insulation Installed in Older Homes?

When you call Standard Insulating Co. to insulate the walls of your older central New York home, our professional installers will treat your home with the care you deserve. Typically, they will follow the protocol below:

  • Your home’s exterior covering (siding, clapboards, shingles, etc.) will be removed to expose the sheathing underneath.
  • Holes will be drilled approximately every 16 inches, or every cavity, to provide an opening in the wall.
  • A hose is inserted into the cavity and the cellulose is blown in through pressure created by a machine housed in our box truck.
  • The holes are then plugged and the siding is reinstalled.
  • If your home has a brick or stone exterior, this same process can be done from the inside. Holes will be drilled through the plaster or sheetrock, and patched upon completion.

If your heating bills are high, yet you are still uncomfortable, the chances are pretty good that you need to insulate your walls. The next step is to call Standard Insulating Co. toll-free at 1. and schedule a FREE home energy audit.

We install the following types of home insulation, depending on your specific home style and situation:

Are your heating bills high? And are you still uncomfortable?